Sunday, 30 August 2009

D&G Topless Sexiness

I'm not a big fan of D & G, to be honest I'd actually prefer to stay away from them. But this is an exception. I'm in love with all things sexy and this caught my attention.

I was in front of the train station one day and a bus went past with this D & G ad

Its the ad campaign for D&G's Fragrance Anthology with some 90's supermodels - Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and some younger male models (who if I might add are extremely hot) Fernando Fernandes, Noah Mills and Tyson Ballou in the ads for their new fragrance shot by Mario Testino.

These ad's are really sexy and for someone like me it could really make me fall in love with D&G - I like the simplicity and sexiness - its almost divine.

The fragrances are unisex, they've already been launched in america but there's a global launch set for September...I can't wait to try them out. To add a mysterious twist on things, the names for the five scents were inspired by tarot cards - Le Bateleur 1, L’Imperatrice 3, L’Amoreaux 6, La Roue de la Fortune 10, and La Lune 18.

This I think is the sexiest of all


  1. OH JEEZ.!!!
    I might actually buy it
    looking forward to it

  2. Oh I loveeee
    Crazy Sexy Cool...
    espesh love the 1 with eva herizgova & the hotttt male model...beautiful!


  3. i love it!!ive been looking to switch from versace...this is looking good.

  4. Nice concept..
    Not sure this will make me rush off to Selfridges though..

  5. @ bubbles me too, i'm seriously contemplating

    @ ore yuup yuuup

    @ leggy i love it too lol

    @ roc wow so ur not tempted even a little? lol