Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Beginnings

First off I want to say thank you to people who actually read my blog lol...I don't know what this blog is about started off with me posting what I found fascinating about fashion but now its just me and my scattered thoughts.

Yeah and since I broke my phone and fixed it (I actually fixed it myself) I lost all my bbm contacts :( and I'm always looking to make new friends so add me if you want
PIN: 2101DE8C

Btw to anyone who has a bb did that 5.0 thing mess up your phone because it seriously fucked mine over.

Oh yes I was watching the news this morning lol and apparently the french people are tired of people dealing in the fake designer industry lol.
So in France selling/carrying a fake designer handbag is a white collar crime and you could pay a fine if they catch yo, lol apparently fakes might kill you..ohh and it includes everything - fake PSP's, football shirts etc

LMAO imagine if they did that in Lagos....govt revenue will definitely go up

I promise to post something on here tonight I just need to get the pictures first.


  1. Hahahahaha...they couldn't even try it in lagos!!!
    The way a blog starts doesn't have to be what it ends up being...its nice that you've let it evolve into something you enjoy doing and letting people see!.x's

  2. HAHA
    let them try it lagos
    fine ni fine ko

  3. Lmao! The funny ish that goes on in this world. How did you possibly fiy your BB yourself? Lol..

  4. @ very true

    @ they have time be honest I don't even know I just followed the directions on some blog and it worked for me

  5. So now I need to buy a BB to make a new friend..

    Making friends is becoming too expensive nowadays... :(

  6. @ roc lol awwwlies u can always email me :)

  7. hey HONEY!!!

    hahahahahahaha they no fit inplement that law for lag now...aaaaaa nothing o. notice how ze designers aren't saying anything about reducing their price, they just want ppl to stop without offering them alternatives...mmmmmm it wont work sha, maybe in Paris since it is Fashion capital and also because alot of the good designers are based in Paris anyway. they 've tried shutting down Canal street in NYC with police raids and waht nots but ppl are still hustling from the back of their cars...
    i dont have a BB so i cant add you .:P..u changed ur commenter name thats why i was confused for a thanks for all your sweet comments babez!!!

  8. @ cc awwlies darling thanks for stopping by.

  9. That is serious money for the government!!!

    It cannot even happen here, no body will think of it not to talk of implementing it.