Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm a bit worried.

First off results are out tomorrow and everyone is irritating me with the way they are all stressing, I refuse to stress and when I say this to people all they say is oh its cause ur smart u have nothing to worry about...smh

ok so maybe I am smart and I get really good grades BUT I did fuck up my IT exam...I don't like that subject so I'm not sure I did that great but no worries....I don't see the point of stressing it wont change the result so why bother.

Anyways the reason I'm here today is because I just read this

thats seriously disturbing I never knew people like this existed outside of Arab nations *no offence to the Arabs*

what bothered me about what this sect is saying is the part about bombing Lagos lol please oh don't bomb my lovely smelly city I mean I love that place and it is already so chaotic as it is.

I don't get their beef with Lagos tho what has the city done to them.??

I don't like people who always have the idea that they can change the world, they are all very foolish...and the govt. better do something because I want to go to Lagos for christmas lol.

Anyways thats why I came on here I thought it would be good for people to read this crazy talk.

The people seem to have an issue with other tribes especially the yoruba people, whats up with that?

This begs the question why are nigerians generally so tribalist??? thats what my next post is going to be about.

p.s: the guy in the picture has man boobs ewwww


  1. Oh my God
    that really scared me
    I'm Ijaw.!
    I'm gonna start having nightmares.!
    are these people for reals.!
    I don't think I'll be able to sleep properly
    what is wrong with these people.!

  2. i know right that shit is scary
    they obviously are very strange people
    btw i follow u on twitter now :)

  3. LOL @ man boobs!
    Urgh I know, what is up with the tribalism its so stupid! Thank God my parents are not like that as I'm yoruba and I've had bfs who aren't yoruba in the past and I know people go through hell with that kind of thing!
    Anyways good luck with your results!!

    Alsooo remembered you said you liked vintage...
    Just posted and I'm wearing some vintage so check it out and let me know what you think!


  4. Omo they should stop it oh....asin sooo stop it mehn...bomb lagos for what naa?


    nigerians are so tribalist cuz its who we are mehn...I doubt that we can change it for a mile...jus the way we are wired to be late...ALWAYS...

  5. This is some scary shit... Nigerians are tribalstic because each tribe think it's culture is the best and innately wants to preserve it. I don't seee that changing anytime soon oh well

  6. @ore aleady checked that out

    @chari i guess you have a point there

    @suru hmmmmmmmm