Sunday, 16 August 2009


i'm so upset today.

my friends been bugging me to get the new bbm and i did, this morning
but its like my phone has a mind of its own now

i've lost my bbm
lost my facebook
lost my msn
and all my contacts too

i can't even find the email icon anymore
like wtf has happened to my phone

i am depressed
yes you can say i'm addicted to it

i don't care

i love my phone
its like my best friend

now its not working right

so yeah i'm depressed

maybe i'll go to the shop tomorrow to have them fix it

i'm so mad right now

but if anyone knows how to fix it tell me

still make sure u update your blog roll


  1. sorry....i hope you get to fix it, or get a new one soon.

  2. Ooops,i'm sure you'll get it all figured out eventually :(

  3. LOL! See dis is wat happenes to us gadget freaks, wen the stuff starts acting up we start acting up. The other day my phone simply refused to let me send messages, felt like i had a tumour in my head wiv d way I was acting lol. *chest out and arms akimbo* I, however can fix anything lol...

  4. Oh no! Loads of my friends lost their contacts too but luckily I didnt...I'm not sure if you can restore ur contact list unless you backed it up onto ur pc, but try, they usually solve all the bb queries!
    Thanxxxx so much for checking out my blog :)
    Will try brick lane for the brogues!
    Adding you to my blogroll, lovely blog!

    Take care x's

  5. ure a bad babe oh. lol.
    Boo Luu misses u XX
    Hope u get ur fone fixed...uve been makin so much noise about it.