Sunday, 15 May 2011


you know in enough the movie
when J.Lo had enough and she
decided to take matters into her own hands?
yeah thats what i feel like doing.

no, not in that violent way.
i'm not about to beat the crap
out of anyone and accidentally (intentionally)
have a dead body on my hands.

its funny how when something
you always wanted is begging you
to take it, but you are too cut up
in your own shit to notice.

its funny how sometimes you
work so hard for something,
but it just manages to escape
you, by the tiniest fraction.

its funny how one day something
is there, and the next its gone.

life. is. not. funny.
its depressing shit.

you know when i think about it
its important not to let life's event
dictate your life for you.
yeah something tragic happened, so what?
is the whole world supposed to stop for you?

i hate when people hold on to the past,
painful or not.

i will never stop reiterating the
importance of learning to let go,
when you hold disappear.
because you change.
and become something else.

things shouldn't change you.
change because you want things
to be different.

even if people are willing to wait
for you, they won't wait forever.
no matter how much they love you.