Sunday, 7 March 2010

clarity and confusion

a lot of things have happened to me
in the past month that could potentially
win the award of most ugly experiences

but its made me realise that sometimes
some things are just beyond your control
really and there are some things you will
never understand.

and it will be annoying and frustrating
and could potentially drive you nuts
but the situation will never change and there
is nothing you can do about it but well
suck it up like a 'man' and move on

lesson learned.

i've been blogging for over a year now.
i hoped for this to be anonymous
but it never really worked out that way.

i've never really got the point of this blog
but i guess its just where i come to relieve

i don't know if i will continue to randomly blog
or if i will blog more often like i've been promising to
or if i will just close this blog

i'm not sure.

i'm not sure about a lot of things
i hoped that by writing i would get clarity.
but it seems that the more i figure
something out. the more confused i get.

maybe i will never get it.
maybe i should stop trying to figure out
what's good and what's bad
what's right and what's wrong

i'm tired of being confused.
i'm tired of being misunderstood
but more importantly,
i'm tired of not really
understanding me.

my madre says i should stop thinking
maybe that is my problem i think a lot
but then, that is what makes me, me.