Sunday, 30 August 2009

D&G Topless Sexiness

I'm not a big fan of D & G, to be honest I'd actually prefer to stay away from them. But this is an exception. I'm in love with all things sexy and this caught my attention.

I was in front of the train station one day and a bus went past with this D & G ad

Its the ad campaign for D&G's Fragrance Anthology with some 90's supermodels - Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer and some younger male models (who if I might add are extremely hot) Fernando Fernandes, Noah Mills and Tyson Ballou in the ads for their new fragrance shot by Mario Testino.

These ad's are really sexy and for someone like me it could really make me fall in love with D&G - I like the simplicity and sexiness - its almost divine.

The fragrances are unisex, they've already been launched in america but there's a global launch set for September...I can't wait to try them out. To add a mysterious twist on things, the names for the five scents were inspired by tarot cards - Le Bateleur 1, L’Imperatrice 3, L’Amoreaux 6, La Roue de la Fortune 10, and La Lune 18.

This I think is the sexiest of all

Friday, 28 August 2009

uni bound...

I haven't been here in a while, I've just been super busy sorting out my uni stuff and I've been travelling a lot lately. First off, yours truly as luu would say is now a big girl lol...I AM OFFICIALLY A UNI STUDENT lol like I have an ID number and a dorm room and everything.

I am super duper excited.


I'm not sure I want to study economics and politics anymore now :( like I saw the modules I have to study and I am scared of the maths in economics lol and somehow politics has just lost its appeal.

the only reason I was going to study both was because I really enjoyed economics at A levels and I've just always been fascinated and interested by politics...I am not looking to get a career out of either because I want to do PR lol but don't ask why I'm not studying something like journalism.

i'm scared of maths because I really don't like it, like I can do it, force myself to get through and get good grades but I honestly don't enjoy studying and numbers, well we just don't flow...and I haven't done maths in 2 wtf am I going to do??

reason I didn't pick media or journalism is because i felt it was too restrictive, i wanted something versatile something that would allow me do most things and i'm not sure studying media or journalism would allow me to do that.

when i graduate I wanna do PR...mostly fashion PR like runway shows etc or work in a magazine...(because some day I want to own my own) thats the dream.

so what should I do people? do I change to do something like media and communications, journalism etc. (where i know i would really enjoy studying it)..or just stick it out...

plus people have been putting me off you know, saying I'm crazy to be doing combined honours...but whatever.

i'm just uber confused, help me somebody, please.

yeah so i'm going uni shopping soon im super excited i can't wait.

and the best part peoples is that IM MOVING away lol to a whole new excited...but I'm gonna miss London tho.

so i just wanted to come say hey to ppl's and i did promise a proper post last time right?...forgive me, I will post something soon.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Beginnings

First off I want to say thank you to people who actually read my blog lol...I don't know what this blog is about started off with me posting what I found fascinating about fashion but now its just me and my scattered thoughts.

Yeah and since I broke my phone and fixed it (I actually fixed it myself) I lost all my bbm contacts :( and I'm always looking to make new friends so add me if you want
PIN: 2101DE8C

Btw to anyone who has a bb did that 5.0 thing mess up your phone because it seriously fucked mine over.

Oh yes I was watching the news this morning lol and apparently the french people are tired of people dealing in the fake designer industry lol.
So in France selling/carrying a fake designer handbag is a white collar crime and you could pay a fine if they catch yo, lol apparently fakes might kill you..ohh and it includes everything - fake PSP's, football shirts etc

LMAO imagine if they did that in Lagos....govt revenue will definitely go up

I promise to post something on here tonight I just need to get the pictures first.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm a bit worried.

First off results are out tomorrow and everyone is irritating me with the way they are all stressing, I refuse to stress and when I say this to people all they say is oh its cause ur smart u have nothing to worry about...smh

ok so maybe I am smart and I get really good grades BUT I did fuck up my IT exam...I don't like that subject so I'm not sure I did that great but no worries....I don't see the point of stressing it wont change the result so why bother.

Anyways the reason I'm here today is because I just read this

thats seriously disturbing I never knew people like this existed outside of Arab nations *no offence to the Arabs*

what bothered me about what this sect is saying is the part about bombing Lagos lol please oh don't bomb my lovely smelly city I mean I love that place and it is already so chaotic as it is.

I don't get their beef with Lagos tho what has the city done to them.??

I don't like people who always have the idea that they can change the world, they are all very foolish...and the govt. better do something because I want to go to Lagos for christmas lol.

Anyways thats why I came on here I thought it would be good for people to read this crazy talk.

The people seem to have an issue with other tribes especially the yoruba people, whats up with that?

This begs the question why are nigerians generally so tribalist??? thats what my next post is going to be about.

p.s: the guy in the picture has man boobs ewwww

Sunday, 16 August 2009


i'm so upset today.

my friends been bugging me to get the new bbm and i did, this morning
but its like my phone has a mind of its own now

i've lost my bbm
lost my facebook
lost my msn
and all my contacts too

i can't even find the email icon anymore
like wtf has happened to my phone

i am depressed
yes you can say i'm addicted to it

i don't care

i love my phone
its like my best friend

now its not working right

so yeah i'm depressed

maybe i'll go to the shop tomorrow to have them fix it

i'm so mad right now

but if anyone knows how to fix it tell me

still make sure u update your blog roll

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

important news

hey peoples

im changing the url for this blog to

if you have me on your bloglist

please update

and yeah its Miss Loré now :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Till Death Do Us Path

....that shit is scary.

thats the only part of my brothers wedding i paid attention to, i was really tired you see i hadn't slept the night before so i was struggling to keep awake

but that woke me up. i mean that is a vow, it's not SUPPOSED to be broken, but we do anyways - lately i've been thinking about why people even bother to get married.

my brother who just got married - him and his wife - they've been together something close to 9yrs - practically live together - they are in love - what difference will a piece of paper make?

i honestly don't get it, i want to get married - eventually lol - but i think its more to do with the fact i get to wear that oscar de la renta wedding dress i want so bad and i get to have a traditional wedding in a cathederal (thats what i want) - it has nothing to do with wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone - at least for now thats what i think.

i'm not so religious so i don't really know the bible that well, but from what i know, i know that once you're married you are not supposed to get divorced and if you do, you can't get married again because that adultery - well at least thats what someone told me.

but what if your husband beats you, are u supposed to stick with him? or are you supposed to leave...if you leave does that mean you can't find someone else?
my cousin says pray - i think don't give me that bullshit - like i know praying is good and it helps - but i mean beating on you thats a real bad situation - and what if the situation doesn't change?

but on the other hand, i believe God can do anything, so he won't let you marry someone who will beat on you, but what if he let the man beat on you to tell that you are in a bad situation and you need to leave...

i hope you get it.

but really why do we even bother to get married? we don't need to wait for marriage to have sex, its legal from when you are 16 - at least thats what the law says - you don't need to get married to live together - you don't need to be married to have a kid anymore - i mean 13 year olds have kids - you don't need both parents to raise a kid - shout out to all single mum's and dad's

so is it just ANOTHER formality?

at my sis in law's bridal shower, everyone kept saying someting about being 'ripe for marriage' or the right age to be married - that made me laugh - i figured its not about finding someone you want to spend your life with, its about being at an age when you should be married?

really what is the essence of marriage??

i hope when i do get married - (i really want to wear that wedding dress) - it will be because i have actually find someone i want to spend the rest of my life with -not really because of the dress.

i'm back to the rainy country -sadly - i miss lagos. i can't wait to go back christmas.