Friday, 28 August 2009

uni bound...

I haven't been here in a while, I've just been super busy sorting out my uni stuff and I've been travelling a lot lately. First off, yours truly as luu would say is now a big girl lol...I AM OFFICIALLY A UNI STUDENT lol like I have an ID number and a dorm room and everything.

I am super duper excited.


I'm not sure I want to study economics and politics anymore now :( like I saw the modules I have to study and I am scared of the maths in economics lol and somehow politics has just lost its appeal.

the only reason I was going to study both was because I really enjoyed economics at A levels and I've just always been fascinated and interested by politics...I am not looking to get a career out of either because I want to do PR lol but don't ask why I'm not studying something like journalism.

i'm scared of maths because I really don't like it, like I can do it, force myself to get through and get good grades but I honestly don't enjoy studying and numbers, well we just don't flow...and I haven't done maths in 2 wtf am I going to do??

reason I didn't pick media or journalism is because i felt it was too restrictive, i wanted something versatile something that would allow me do most things and i'm not sure studying media or journalism would allow me to do that.

when i graduate I wanna do PR...mostly fashion PR like runway shows etc or work in a magazine...(because some day I want to own my own) thats the dream.

so what should I do people? do I change to do something like media and communications, journalism etc. (where i know i would really enjoy studying it)..or just stick it out...

plus people have been putting me off you know, saying I'm crazy to be doing combined honours...but whatever.

i'm just uber confused, help me somebody, please.

yeah so i'm going uni shopping soon im super excited i can't wait.

and the best part peoples is that IM MOVING away lol to a whole new excited...but I'm gonna miss London tho.

so i just wanted to come say hey to ppl's and i did promise a proper post last time right?...forgive me, I will post something soon.


  1. OHHHH
    you gotta do something in Media/ PR
    just because I said so :)
    I hate maths
    such a shame really.!

  2. You lost me a bit.. When you graduate, do you plan on owning your own PR company? Runway show?? Or magazine??

    Or did you mean all three?

  3. @bubbles yes ma'm lol

    @roc Fashion PR company..yuuup i wanna do runway shows and maybe someday own my magazine lol

    Face your fear! dont let fear of maths stop you from pursing what you are interested in and what you really enjoy.

    Maths may seem like a weakness at the moment,but the more you keep saying to yourself maths is your worst enemy the more your feeding your fear!

    It's an area you need to work on a little more, we all have strengths and weaknesses!
    Don't let that hold you back!

    I've worked at 2 Fashion PR agencies, London Fashion week is great fun if your working with a great designer but it's damn hard work and very much like event management!

    I say perserve, it's a beautiful quality in a woman! Maths will come in ususal whatever career path you take in the future, no experience in life is ever wasted and especially if you end up running a Fabulous Magazine!

    It's all about selling more issues than your competitors, selling add space and making a lots of number crunching!

    Don't let people put you off, take on good advice, have a chew but know what to swallow and what to spit out, don't let others put their fear and lack on courage on you!

    it's your life, be crazy, your young!
    be happy, keep smiling and blogging!

  5. I'm totally with Christian gal in the City. All the best with uni!