Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Shouting Quietly

LOL this is actually a completely random post because I'm bored and I hate doing homework and coursework in fact I hate school, if not that my mum is a total control freak and will never allow her only daughter to drop out of school, I would have quit school a long long time ago.

So I do random thinks like check up new words every couple of days, and while I was doing that today, I remembered last year in my law class, how my teacher was saying that parliament or something like that where complete bonzo's saying market sellers should shout quietly because of office workers, as apparently they where disturbing with their shouting.

How the hec does one shout quietly, isn't shouting supposed to be loud, to cause an uproar, for it to be an outcry etc...so how does one shout quietly...lol so I have decided that law makers in this country have to be one of the silliest people on the planet, they make stupid laws that make life so incovenient. Remember when the budget thingy came out how they are making people who earn over £150 grand pay 50% tax..........fuck no! lol i plan on being so paid and I'm not sure after my extensive expensive schooling and going to boring maths class and slugging through endless essays and shitty IT lesson, hearing the yelling of my law and economics teachers, going to uni to spend the next 3 - 4 yrs of my life getting a piece of paper (by that I mean a degree) I would probably not use, then get MY money and then give half of MY money to the government, call me selfish but again fuck no, I refuse to infact I think I'll move to monaco.
How selfish is the gov telling people to give away half of their money kmt, I don't blame people for tax evasion seriously lol, it shouldn't be a crime it should be the fucking law.

So yes, that was me shouting quietly.


  1. lol...preach it sistuh! My dad seems to think it's fair. Hell no! I refuse to pay for the queen to get any fatter!

  2. How is it fair?? maybe i should blog about inequality

  3. lol...It's sad that the more you make the more you get taxed?? so what's the incentive for good work?? But it's supposed to facilitate equality of income. oh well!

    As for shouting quietly lol..that's a perfect oxymoron. I love!