Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Elle est noir mais elle déteste les Noirs

LOL ok so I said I wouldn't blog again but somewhere in between me doing my coursework which by the way is due on Fri, I just happend to come across this video and I thought I'd share it.

Last night after 6hrs of courseworking I watched Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, so many people had been saying how good the movie was and bladiblah plus I'm starting to get into all these kind of movies - City of God was great by the way even if I was scared shitless lol...you should really watch it.
So yes I was really annoyed yesterday after I watched Do the Right Thing because of the bit where the police strangle Radio Raheem, I was sooo soooo soooooooooo mad like WTF!!! did they have to do that??? arrghh but thats another story for another day....so today as usual whenever I sit infront of the comp to do my coursework I always get bored and start doing totally unrelated things lol, so today I found this video from the Montel Williams show, that little Grand Finale thing that he did last year and I wouldn't say I'm angry, I'm just disgusted.

Ok so the quality of the vid is not that great, but don't blame me lol, I've been searching for a proper one to show you but can't find any.

Watch it and see how deranged some people are, I mean this girl is a complete retard like I don't care if she's messed up in the head or anything if thats the reason for being ashamed of her God given right to be black, what got me however is her saying Martin Luther King didn't do nothing for her, Rosa Parks didn't do nothing for her, is she mad???? I'm convinced without a reason of a doubt she's just an idiot and I feel sorry for, you know what scratch that, I don't feel sorry for that mofo racist land fill waste, but being racist to your own people, hating your own skin now thats a new one, and like bossip say's Jesus Take the Wheel


  1. Now I know why I couldnt get a blog with ma other petname......lol.
    You right this video is crazy...

  2. LOL aww my bad, sorry =]
    Yuuuup crazy ass chic

  3. OMG
    best movie ever.!!