Monday, 27 April 2009

*****Nearly There....

So guys I'm nearly there>>at the end of my journey of self re-discovery. Basically I haven't been myself lately and I feel I've lost the essence of my life somewhere in between my highly disorganised life. But right now I'm enjoying this journey I'm learning so much about myself and other interesting things which are truly inspiring.

But I don't think I will be able to blog much over the next month, I have exams you see my A2 exams so im pretty freaked out and stressed out at the moment, I didn't know a levels where this hard, the not so smart people who came up with them need to have their heads re-examined a total bunch of idiots I tell you making my life a whole lot harder with all the other bs I deal with, by simply being a teenager.

So yes I will be off blogger for a while >> till June and hopefully when I come back you will have me and my new re-defined blog.

**Yes my blog is also taking a rain check you see lol, I'm not going to only post random/meaningless tidbits anymore. Strictly things that are meaningful to me because I've decided that only meaningful things have a place in my life, and maybe a bit of randomness lol as I am very random.


  1. Everyone sorta goes through these stages at one time or the other..


  2. @Roc Naija yeah I guess and thank you