Wednesday, 6 May 2009

We are not all equal get the fuck over it!!

Now I can almost breathe, I have nearly finished my ICT has taken me a month of endless sleep deprived nights, filled with staring at a computer screen for nearly 16 hrs almost daily, constantly skipping *Dave's economics lessons* to keep up with the pace (only an excuse really I hate his boring), neglecting all my law & eco work, but it is has nearly come to an end and I'm almost happy except, for the piece of info my aunty just gave me; because 5 people in a school have swine flu all the alevels people won't have their exams, they can just sit back get their predicted grades and well go to uni in Sept??? I hope I'm not the only sane one left on the planet but are they mad??? like come on that is sooooo unfair, how can I be here slaving my ass off everyday not sleeping more than 3hrs a day but some mofo's don't have to do that to get into uni, so once again the law makers in this country are silly because that has to be the second most stupid decision ever after taxes.

Why should they get off, if they are then everybody else should, so yes mr education minister whoever you are, you will be getting a letter from me. I demand not to do my a level exams if some people are getting off because I'm on the verge of going crazy with work.

Which brings me to today's post...WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!! I am a firm believer in my theory, I don't think that for a second that everyone should be treated the same because they are not the same, I don't see why the rich should have an obligation by law to take care of the poor, its not their fucking fault but if they choose to then by all means go for it.

My last post about taxes when bob-ij said "But it's supposed to facilitate equality of income" oh lawdy lord my reflex action of counter arguements went off in my head while I was supposed to be putting the finishing touches to my coursework so here I am voicing them out.

Everyone in the world was born for a purpose, believe it or not, some where born to shine, some where born to shadow, some where born to be rich some were not, its a fact get used to it. The point im trying to make is that, people who make money should not have to pay so much taxes to help keep the benefits line going because some lazy ass mofo somewhere who can be bothered to fuck enough to get herself 6 kids cannot be bothered to get a job so what does the governement do supply her with a 6 bedroom house. How insane is that??? like really WTF!!! there are so many people who struggle to make this good money who have so many debts to pay but because of taxes it will take a long time, they can't have a six bedroom house why?? because some hefffer with six kids who can't get off her lazy ass to get a job, got it. If it was that she was working but not enough money then benefits like child benefits will come on handy.

It's things like this that get me so pissed off, the sooner the world realises that there will be NO EQUALITY the better for us, then we would start to deal with issues realistically. I am not against benefits for people who genuinely need it, but I am not for it when it becomes a life style for people. People say oh the gov needs taxes to facilitate the defence well fuck it they dont need someone's 50% to do that; maybe if they used the money for worthwhile reasons like serious educational reforms (rather than giving out EMA to people who only come to school for EMA not to actually learn anything), more funds for the NHS, less fucking benefits then maybe people who spend Jan - June working for the government (yes that how long people who pay taxes work for the gov) will feel better about helping out poor people instead of making life so damn hard for them.

And maybe developed countries will realise that the fucking problem we have in Africa is not that we don't have enough mosquito nets it's because there is no fucking management of our money, so hopefully they will stop sending those foolish nets that don't even work properly but help us with a revolution so we can do away with these greedy monsters that rule our countries and then maybe we will start to see changes.

Now I seriously seriously need to finish my coursework....


  1. I see your point about the benefits, it pisses me off to no end as well and you do have a point in that there's no such thing as equality...wait...I came on here because I thought for a second that I disagreed with something u said...lemme go find it...oh right, 'we shouldn't all be treated the same'...

    now, this is just me being pedantic but I think we SHOULD all get treated the same, if you or me refused to go to work for the rest of the year, we would probably starve...the same treatment should be given to those on benefits...Jobseekers Allowance needs to be just that...not an alternative source of income, which is what it's become.

    I guess I didn't exactly disagree with u, so hell...well're pretty insightful for someone ur age

  2. LOL nope u pretty much agreed with me lol but it's ok i get what you were trying to say, for a minute i was like what i had to *I've learnt a new word* thanks to you scribs

    And thank you, I believe thats a compliment =]

  3. I agree with you that we are not all born equal but mehn the route you took it is off it oh...ehn??? did I hear you imply that some people are poor because of their laziness...mehn forget o...If you havent slaved 8 hours of your life carry concrete for the decking of a haus you will never live in then you have absolutely no right to call em lazy oh...shoo...the mere fact is there will always be poor people...and there will always be the rich...But the plain truth is...there are rich people BECAUSE of the poor...go ahead and ask anyone...

    but like M.I would say, opinions are assholes, everybody has yeah my own two kobo

  4. Wow...interesting opinions...
    We are not all created with equal ability, but we are all created with the same God-given human rights. That's all I have to say...

  5. Oh I get what you mean Chari, I know some people are poor not because they are lazy but cuz that's just the way things are, but that's not what this post is about, it was directed at lazy benefits people who don't want to get a job.

  6. I completely agree with you, Peaches. There are no equals in this world. The only way equality arises is through an opinion; the religions like to enforce the opinion that all men/women are equal; all men/women are entitled to the same things. This is absolute rubbish. That is not to say that the whole idea behind equality is false because it's not; I am sure that communism works better than any other political regime, in theory. However, we fail to see the reality of things. We need to stop interfering to try and create what we think is the perfect world. The Western governments can keep on imposing laws and incentives to try and spread welfare equally but as soon as a bill is passed in a country, the minds of everyone living in that country are changed to take advantage of (or detrimentally complain about) that bill; the loopholes far exceed the benefit for new laws.
    As for your comment, Peaches, well, it's a case of unfortunate timing. After the educational career, the amount of work put into an activity or project rarely matches the benefit or praise gained from the task. Normally praise, promotion or similar accolades are achieved through networking, knowing people who know people and, though I hate to say it, unethical means. For this to happen to you, Peaches, at at A Level, is very unfair. I can only hope that the UK Government feels their actions are justified and acknowledges the unnecessarily disparity in grades they are causing. I remember studying hard for my A Levels and felt like I deserved the grades I achieved. Let's hope you take this lesson on board positively; life is not fair in assessment, at whatever level, however controlled it may seem.
    Let me tell you, Peaches, if you don't get what you want this time round, it'll teach you a life lesson that I learnt way down the line, in terms of the ability for regulation to work in the individuals favour. Good luck and sock it to the man because you are better!

  7. You are right in saying that we are all equals. However, some people are not poor because of laziness. Many underpriviledged kids are born into extreme poverty and have no way, not in a million years to work their way out of it. I wish there was no poverty in the world, but the reality is that this would never be the case. The world is a balanced equation where the rich and the poor would need to coexist for the rest of eternity.

  8. @ Anonymous thanksss and i do hope they (gov) know what they are doing

  9. Speak on it!!!!!!!!!!
    there is no reason why i should have to pay for someone's laziness....please please speak on it! Like i said in that last post you read, it absolutly blows my mind that there are people who are soooooooo bloody lazy and CHOOSE to not work but pop out babies and somehow tax payers are supposed to support them. Like that is some shit!!!! Like i don't fucking get it, i dont see the fucking govt wiping away my student debts, but i have to pay for someone's else's shit. The hell??

    and u r wright, we are not all equal, funny thing i was thinking of writing a post about equality and the delusions it fosters, u have definttly started that discourse off to a very good start. Again this is not about the people who are born poor or cant help it, this is for the lazy fuckers who want to sit and do nothin but reap shit they did not sow. like there needs to be better welfare reforms to stop "encouraging" this shit. Like why anyone aspires to be that uncontributive and dependent on others is beyond me.

    the one that kills me is that these people walk around with their head higher than yours, like they are raping you and u cant do a damn thing about it. the government enables the behavior, their parents dont know any better. You were born poor, well TUFF shit, there are people all over the world that were born into poverty, but they still woke up every morining to walk 20miles just so they can go to school, being born into poverty is not even these people's problems, they are gettin a free ride and they don't want to get out of poverty even when the opportunity and chance is being shoved down their throat.