Monday, 18 May 2009

Throwback Moment

I am going to do so many throwback moments from now on lol. I just found an old old picture album and the pictures are HILLARIOUS lol but I won't post the too embarrassing one's, actually scratch that I might just do that.

Yeah so throwback moment - I'll start earliest scary moment.

My excuse for the picture is that I was young an naive I looked for the best pic to match the throwback moment and here it is *drumrolls please*

Thats me and puffin and thelittle person there is wahala inc. (lol thats my special name for her cuz i swear that girl is trouble), we were about 7ish 8ish in this

I was about 7 I think when I watched this movie Nneka, fuck! I'm even still scared talking about it now (does anyone remember that movie??) - the part that scared the crap out of me was the part when the cat turned into a woman in front of car *defining moment of my life* ever since then my faith in God has been unshackable - I was scared outta my mind after that movie for about a year >> I was scared to go upstairs by myself, stay anywhere by myslef, sleep in my bed (constatnt companion on mammi and papi's bed) to be honest I'm still scared.
And second scariest bit..when she was walking on the beach lol and saying Tony! Tony! Tony! like whoever wrote the scripts damn that's all I'm saying.

With a throwback memory comes a throwback song, one of my favourite oldies
Give it up for Etta James (gottta love that woman)


  1. lol...i didn't think it was possible for you to have been i keed..didn't see the movie, but sounds interesting

    u didnt explain why ur covered in powder? dough?

  2. lol u should watch it when i go home in july i'll look for it for you

    lol oh i don't even remember lol it was face paint i think one of the things we were into lol