Sunday, 17 May 2009

Is It Yours??

I don't have body insecurities, I'm happy the way I am. I'm petite and happy lol I don't wish to be taller, I don't wish to be fatter (anymore) so I don't take offence when people say omg your so small.

I don't work out
I don't eat right
Never liked fruits&Never will
I will only drink orange juice (mostly because my mum used to ram it down my throat when I was younger)
Most unhealthy person I know
I rarely drink water
I'm mostly have junk food over cooked food
I love my greasy fried food
I will not substitute my eating habits for a healthier one

I guess I'm one of those lucky fuckers that whatever they eat somehow doesn't show and trust me I am a big eater (not always been one but im reformed now and iLove food)

But today's post is about some stupid ignorant heffer who couldn't keep his mouth shut that got me all annoyed this wonderful sunday afternoon

He's always referred to my tummy as fat (it is not) this comment has only slightly annoyed me before now i just took as as a flippant-nothing-to-say-so-I'll-comment-about your-tummy-kinda comment but with the extra " know I would prefer it slimmer..." pissed me the fuck off.

You know what else took the piss he dropped the "...i want to make it mine" like oh lawdy lord, if not for puffin I'm sure I would have said somethings I would regret.

Even if he was my man does that give him the right to tell me that??? especially when it's not??
I am not one of those people that take comments to heart but this one pissed me off..cuz I was thinking ok so maybe you like me and in your weird twisted retarted way of thinking you think if I go out with you, my body becomes yours?? is that line of thought even logical, legal??
Note at this point I don't even like him so you must know how irritating I found this comment.

I don't think anyone would understand how the foolishness out of this boys mouth got on my nerves. I am me, I don't like people telling me what to do, even my parents, I do what I do when&how I want to. I don't ask for permission to do anything, never will. I am me just me, so for someone to make a stupid comment about my body and how they would prefer it......oh gosh I don't want to ramble on but this is a notice to everyone

I am no one's property..never have&never will be
I am my own
If I do get married I will still be my own
I look how I look because God made me that way
I am what I am because I allow myself to be that way
Never ever tell me how you would prefer me to look
because God help me
It only takes four muscles for me to bitch slap you upside your head
and trust me I will


  1. gal i undestand exactly wat ur on abt, i fnk if i had da chance 2 tell my story - boiiiiiii, it wud eva end.

  2. well i hv body insecurities, but of late theyv toned dwn, i dnt gv two..... bou what critics hv to say....i love me!!

  3. B has spoken!!! tell them...
    lol... i love...<3