Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Love's This

iThink she looks really niceeee...love her style, but really for tall people no? the scarf will drown me for sure.

Chanel Perspex Briefcase

When I saw this my jaw dropped literally, Karl Lagerfeld continues to amaze me. Now whether he is a genius on this or he has been smoking some jetson type weed I don't know, what I do know is I would love to see someone in real life actually rock this instead of this being just another prop for the catwalk.

Nike - Air Jordan 1 Phat Low - Tuxedo Prom Pack

To create these shoes Nike drew inspiration from Tuxedo's and Prom...how interesting. They are releasing a white and black seameless shiny leather AJI Phat Low on Sat 16th April.

Nike going Retro

Nike is releasing a special Air Jordan 1 Retro - Do The Right Thing Collection (in red and green) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Director Spike Lee's tale of racial and generational tension on the streets on Brooklyn - Do The Right Thing

Look See >> Ksubi S/S 09

LOL so I was looking through all the usual stuff that I do and I came across this and I thought I'd share it.

Who rocked it better?? iThink Pharrel did

More from the collection:

21 Maroons

I'm genrally in support of anything that celebrates culture, togetherness and autonomy. iLove it when I see people incorporating meaningful history into modern day life and something has just caught my eye - 21 Maroons.
When I first of all saw this I thought to myself what kind of bullsh*t is the lol, but then I realised what the message was about >> honouring our ancestors and the creative legacy that makes black history relevant and important in the 21st century.

21 Maroons (21 MC) was founded by Emeka Alams and Yego Moravia in their quest for individuality and heritage. Their insipiration is both diverse and interesting and really centres around black history>> West African designs and textiles, the West Indies, Abuja, Lagos, 2Face, Nigerian movies, skateboarding, Afro-punk culture etc....

What's your take on it?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Timeless Pieces - Essentials

When building a wadrobe, I like to think the shoes are one of the most important features. And also when starting a shoe wadrobe it is ESSENTIAL to invest in a good pair of black pumps, because quite frankly they are the starting place of any shoe collection.

iLove Loubou's so I chose this as the must have black pump/timeless piece (as you can never go wrong with them)

They generally retail for about £600 but if you find a good site you could get it for less.

This Season's Trend

I am super excited about S/S 09, iThink it is super cool the way we have all these different trends being mashed into one. Its all about transperancy, softness and fluitdity. iLOve the fact that little bits and bops from some of my favourite eras are coming back...the 80's particularly bringing back the jeans and the rainbow colours, I also love the fact that there are still timeless pieces i.e. black and the fabrics have more textures too which will make it even much more fun to wear.
Although iThink the 60's was a dull era of nothing particularly significant apart from the young wanting to take the lead... i will welcome the dresses they are bringing back, i do love the A-line shift dresses and I absolutely love the pegged trousers.

This season's must haves:
Distressed Denim - these are soo 80's and early 90's and iLove their come back. This season they are coming back bleached, ripped, spliced and frayed. iLOve the acid wash and the snowwash, the pale denim, dark denim, baggies, skinnies et al love love them

Safari - whenever iThink of this, I just think the 60's which is not my favourite era iThink its actualy quite dull, but this season its all about smart, elegant, colonial style clothing - sort of the Benjamin Bixby S/S 09 Line - its all about the au naturel look...the whole natural make up, beaded heels, short jackets and wide legged trousers. Not a big fan but...

Transparance - the sheer cover up, designers have a thing for see-through clothes and so do I, I first spotted them on the Luella S/S 09 show which iLove, I'm a big fan of them because they give this comfortable and soft feel. The softer pallete of - apricot, peach, sand, putty and cream create that sophisticated look we all want.

Pop Candy - iLove bright colours and I'm well happy that this summer is all about clothes that are yumly bright and colourful. I am so in love with couleurs acidulees..and iThink neon pink is the best.

Futurists- this makes me think of speed and technology no clue why but it just does, anyways its all about the caged sandals, platform heels and big belts for this look.

Tribals - this reminds me so much the DVF line this year, she had so much tribal prints and fanciful headgear...prints from ankara, ikata, leopard spots and chunky beaded accessories are the key to this look. Wear losts of green and mustard as they are the colour pallete to complete this look.

However, I dont like some of the new looks...starting from the one shoulder dress...ark! but there are some exceptions, I dont like the return of the denim jackets (i wish it would just stay in the 90's) so please try to stay away from them people.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Beyonce has just graced the cover of most coveted magazine - Vogue, and this issue just happens to the publication's shape issue.

Word on the street is that the next two videos to be dropped are 'Ego' and 'Broken-Hearted Girl'...I'm just as excited as you are

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fabulous Finds - LV S/S 09 Shoes

This article is all thanks to my wonderful reader - Rilyn. I was so (still am) excited when I saw your comment about the shoes. Remember the shoes Amber Rose wore to the Givenchy RTW A/W 09 show in Paris, well I've finally found where they are from...

For Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton created this exciting shoe collection, they mixed up different kinds of trends together including - croc print, feathers, metallic detailing and gladiator styles to create this amazing collection. A job well done.

Take a look at these fabulous shoes, and my personal favourite (circled in red)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Amber Rose and Her Shoes

The ex-stripper turned glamour model/bisexual who looks like a hoe 85% of the time and has a body to die for has some amazing shoes.

As much as I hate to say it, Amber Rose is a fittie and her and Kanye together are the hottest thing around, for now.

Hocker, her shoes are nice

Hot! Hot! Hot! shoes.(I'm still checking for were they're from)

Im not feeling the pink get up but the shoes are yuum.

Tell me what you think

Kanye and the same pair of jeans

I know this guy has a lot of money and he likes fashion, what I don't get is why the hell he keeps wearing the same pair of jeans through out fashion week?

Kanye West Louis Vuitton Sneakers

Kanye West was all over Paris Fashion week in his sneakers

Tell me what you think...

Day 26 - Must Be Love or Cassie ft. Diddy - Must Be Love

Day 26 had this song for a potential for their second album (produced by Brian Micheal Cox), but once it was dropped from their album, it was GIVEN to Cassie...you can get this on itunes Must Be Love - Casey Ft Diddy

Tell me who you think sings this better...

Keri Hilson's New Video

This is Keri Hilson's new video for the song 'Make Love' off her new album - In A Perfect World

I think her and Kanye look so cute in this (no offence to Amber Rose)

Fabulous Finds at Faith

I found these beautiful shoes at faith online, I think they are absolutely divine.

Tell me what you think

Benjamin Bixby Spring 09 Line

Andre 3000 of our beloved Outkast has launched his Benjamin Bixby Line in Toronto.

As Andre describes it "Benjamin Bixby man is a rebel gent. He likes classics with extraordinary styling"

For the spring menswear collection the inspiration is Colonial India - "the black madras tux, the over-dyed polo with underarm details and the khaki cotton suit with a map of India lining"
I think I'm going to like this line as he is a very creative individual.

There aren't a lot of pics of the collection yet, but here are some.

Marc Jacobs

One of the best designer's EVER.

I love his Fall 09 Collection this year, it was big and fun. I loved the hair especially, every girl had a different kind of hair outrageous mohawks, flips and bouffants.

When creating this awesome collection he said he "was thinking about the good old days in new york".

I hope you love the clothes as much as I have...but in this economic gloom will ladies buy into this outrageous style?

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall Winter 2009/10 Womenswear Full Show.

I know its all a bit late, but I've been extremely busy with school =[

Anways to today's topic, I thought I'd pay homage to one of my favourite designers..,

Diane von Furstenberg who launched the iconic 'wrap dress' 35 years ago, chose a lot of mixed print fabrics together and (like many other designers) a lot of black too, but she paired it with huge pom pom hats for accessories and nice sweaters.

There was background music from Diana Ross who was there herself.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cute or Uncute?

So we all love LisaRaye (Neese) in All of Us and I'm sure everyone has a soft spot for Ginuwine. But them two together? as rumour's would have it they are a new couple but I'm not so sure about them two together but we'll just have wait and see.

Nevertheless, I can't wait for Ginuwine's new video last chance...with LisaRaye as the leading lady.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Turning Me Off

One day I was talking to a girlfriend about how irrittating boys could be. So I compiled a list of all the things me and a couple of friends find so irritating about guy's so you fella's can get a few pointers on how not to turn us off.

I really hate it when I see overlly drunk boys, they are not pleasant.
I hate it when they scratch, down there... by 'oluchi' (LOL that's really eww)
Bad teeth
Bad breadth
Unshaven armpits
Too cocky
Too nice...(boys who are too sweet and are doormats) this is a really big turn off
Easily led (by friends)
Hood rats
Un-opinionated boys
Boys who don't use deodorant
Clingy boys
Weakboys (wounded pupies)

Next time you fellas are checking for a lady you now know how to approach her correctly.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Fabulous Finds - Jimmy Choo's

I have this secret addiction to finding beautiful shoes, and I just had to share this one.

Its from the SS09 collection of Jimmy Choo, some of you might recognise it from the Ad Campaign. I'm not a big fan of green shoes, but this beautiful caged sandals in black matt leather makes me love green.

Apparently it was inspired by tribal ankle jewellery, either way Jimmy Choo is a freaking genius.

More views

Monday, 2 March 2009

Fabulous Finds - Jeggings

I was online window shopping as usual and I came across what asos refers to as 'jeggigns' yes I know what a name? (Jeans plus Leggings) , first I thought what the f*ck? then got interested so I decided to check them out.
So I ordered me a pair and found them to be quite comfortable and they fit really good especially for petite people like me.

- this one is the best I've seen so far, its from asos and its got a 70's blue colour - so vintage and I love, love it.

Topshop has also got some nice ones.