Tuesday, 24 March 2009

21 Maroons

I'm genrally in support of anything that celebrates culture, togetherness and autonomy. iLove it when I see people incorporating meaningful history into modern day life and something has just caught my eye - 21 Maroons.
When I first of all saw this I thought to myself what kind of bullsh*t is the lol, but then I realised what the message was about >> honouring our ancestors and the creative legacy that makes black history relevant and important in the 21st century.

21 Maroons (21 MC) was founded by Emeka Alams and Yego Moravia in their quest for individuality and heritage. Their insipiration is both diverse and interesting and really centres around black history>> West African designs and textiles, the West Indies, Abuja, Lagos, 2Face, Nigerian movies, skateboarding, Afro-punk culture etc....

What's your take on it?

1 comment:

  1. I love the guy in the orange shirt and blue scarf. and the sneakers are tight... like u said, i love outfits that spell out culture and bring out personality. its really cool