Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Turning Me Off

One day I was talking to a girlfriend about how irrittating boys could be. So I compiled a list of all the things me and a couple of friends find so irritating about guy's so you fella's can get a few pointers on how not to turn us off.

I really hate it when I see overlly drunk boys, they are not pleasant.
I hate it when they scratch, down there... by 'oluchi' (LOL that's really eww)
Bad teeth
Bad breadth
Unshaven armpits
Too cocky
Too nice...(boys who are too sweet and are doormats) this is a really big turn off
Easily led (by friends)
Hood rats
Un-opinionated boys
Boys who don't use deodorant
Clingy boys
Weakboys (wounded pupies)

Next time you fellas are checking for a lady you now know how to approach her correctly.


  1. i hate all dose too
    especially d cocky ones..urgh
    and d wana b hood rats
    and d fools dat think dey are *it*..gosh
    but i love d adorable ones!!!!!!!!!

    ~~*princess lee*~~

  2. Ouch looool well lucky for me I aint associated with anything on that list!!! Is that being cocky or confident? Haha lol