Friday, 20 March 2009

Timeless Pieces - Essentials

When building a wadrobe, I like to think the shoes are one of the most important features. And also when starting a shoe wadrobe it is ESSENTIAL to invest in a good pair of black pumps, because quite frankly they are the starting place of any shoe collection.

iLove Loubou's so I chose this as the must have black pump/timeless piece (as you can never go wrong with them)

They generally retail for about £600 but if you find a good site you could get it for less.


  1. i luv almost all v hs shoes..cnt wait 2 strt a collection..d red soles r jus tres sexc..xx

  2. naw dis iz one hawt shoe......i luv!!!!

  3. these shoes are rada sexy... i might just get a pair!!!

  4. Are these the Rolando's by Louboutin? **Faints** These in black patent have been on my wishlist for the longest

  5. To LondonDiva indeed they are, and they have been on my wishlist for so long too.
    I found this not sure if its dodgy or not but they were selling them for lke £250.
    if you want the link, get at me