Friday, 20 March 2009

This Season's Trend

I am super excited about S/S 09, iThink it is super cool the way we have all these different trends being mashed into one. Its all about transperancy, softness and fluitdity. iLOve the fact that little bits and bops from some of my favourite eras are coming back...the 80's particularly bringing back the jeans and the rainbow colours, I also love the fact that there are still timeless pieces i.e. black and the fabrics have more textures too which will make it even much more fun to wear.
Although iThink the 60's was a dull era of nothing particularly significant apart from the young wanting to take the lead... i will welcome the dresses they are bringing back, i do love the A-line shift dresses and I absolutely love the pegged trousers.

This season's must haves:
Distressed Denim - these are soo 80's and early 90's and iLove their come back. This season they are coming back bleached, ripped, spliced and frayed. iLOve the acid wash and the snowwash, the pale denim, dark denim, baggies, skinnies et al love love them

Safari - whenever iThink of this, I just think the 60's which is not my favourite era iThink its actualy quite dull, but this season its all about smart, elegant, colonial style clothing - sort of the Benjamin Bixby S/S 09 Line - its all about the au naturel look...the whole natural make up, beaded heels, short jackets and wide legged trousers. Not a big fan but...

Transparance - the sheer cover up, designers have a thing for see-through clothes and so do I, I first spotted them on the Luella S/S 09 show which iLove, I'm a big fan of them because they give this comfortable and soft feel. The softer pallete of - apricot, peach, sand, putty and cream create that sophisticated look we all want.

Pop Candy - iLove bright colours and I'm well happy that this summer is all about clothes that are yumly bright and colourful. I am so in love with couleurs acidulees..and iThink neon pink is the best.

Futurists- this makes me think of speed and technology no clue why but it just does, anyways its all about the caged sandals, platform heels and big belts for this look.

Tribals - this reminds me so much the DVF line this year, she had so much tribal prints and fanciful headgear...prints from ankara, ikata, leopard spots and chunky beaded accessories are the key to this look. Wear losts of green and mustard as they are the colour pallete to complete this look.

However, I dont like some of the new looks...starting from the one shoulder dress...ark! but there are some exceptions, I dont like the return of the denim jackets (i wish it would just stay in the 90's) so please try to stay away from them people.

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  1. Lool...I feel you on the denim jacket thing but it COULD work,
    I personally dont see anything wrong with one shouldered dresses. They look elegant if one right..
    Personally I dont rule anything out when it comes to fashion cos I think its all about trying new things and having fun with it.. Sometimes it could be a WOMP but sometimes it could!
    Good job though!