Friday, 13 March 2009

Amber Rose and Her Shoes

The ex-stripper turned glamour model/bisexual who looks like a hoe 85% of the time and has a body to die for has some amazing shoes.

As much as I hate to say it, Amber Rose is a fittie and her and Kanye together are the hottest thing around, for now.

Hocker, her shoes are nice

Hot! Hot! Hot! shoes.(I'm still checking for were they're from)

Im not feeling the pink get up but the shoes are yuum.

Tell me what you think


  1. I Am sooooooooooooooo loving her shoes

  2. uuum 4 d 3rd picture u sed u wer wondering wer d shoes wer from its LOUIS v baby spring collection '09 me likey i min d web u try we wel. Rilyn

  3. She also has some crazy shades...... She a fine girl sha seems like she was hez arm candy for fashion week. So am waiting to see what going to happen now that fashion week is over...

    D-WADE 4 MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I do not like this trick for no reason..
    Did you see her with her fellow partner in philly wilding out and this happened when she is supposedly "with" Kanye!
    He needs to stop buying her all this LV and gucci she is rocking..lmao!

  5. What a girl she is... She is like my role model!!! I like to carry myself in public jus like her.... <3