Friday, 27 February 2009

Dawn's King Magazine Spread...

Ok I think there's a trend going on here, first Aubrey did playboy and now Dawn is doing King? LOL at least the pic doesn't bare all...So fella's keep waiting cuz u never gonna see her goodies.

I wonder who's next...

Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Movie To Watch Out For...'Preachers Kid'

I am absolutely in love with Tank, well his music anyways.

But this picture caught my eye and I thought damn! damn! damn! Tank is so sexy lol and can't wait to see this movie. I can practically feel the chemistry through my computer screen. I would kill to be in Letoya's shoes right about now.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Way It Is...

I'm sure loads of you watch Keyshia Cole's show - The Way It Is...

Well from reliable sources... bossip, Frankie (Keyshia's biological mother) coming out with her own shoe and perfume line called Hal La!, she also has a book called '2 sides to every story' and get this she's getting her own tv show 'The Franky and Neffy Show' Oh Mi Mothafucking Gosh, is it me or is this just too funny...SMH

Anyway, at Keith Sweats premier of Plantinum House she looked absolutely stink it what ever it is she put on dolce or no dolce, doesn't she have a mirror??

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Denim Jackets making a comeback?

So Kanye West is a bit bizarre when it comes to dressing, but this has to be an all time high or low the denim jacket is making a come back with Kanye and his bald busty girlfriend Amber Rose. He looks absolutely stink in the jacket but I'm tempted to say Amber pulled it off not so badly.
Personaly, I'm happy denim jackets died with the 90's and I hope they do stay there.

The pair are currently in London, for fashion week. Kanye and a Glamour Model (ex-stripper) thats so wow!

Monday, 23 February 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards

This years Oscars was as expected a beautiful epic event with our very own Kate Winslet snagging best actress for The Reader, she looked uhm nice in her Atelier Yves Saint Laurent by Stefabo Pilati (very boring dress) and slumdog millionaire taking home the award for best picture, even if personally I think its an overrated movie.
As predicted Heath Ledger (bless his soul) won best supporting actor for Dark Knight (no suprise there) and the over sexy Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress for Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona who looked absolutely sensational in her 60 year old vintage Pierre Balmain gown and Judith Leiber clutch.

I was pretty excited to know that Susan Reid BBC presenter wore a dress from oxfam for £50 we have to hand it to her she pulled it off nicely. However, Beyonce looked oh so un-stunning in her House of Derion couture dress, and Whoopi? what the hell was she thinking when she left her house SMH awesomely dissapointing!

Moschino For Men

I really love it when boys dress really good. And as spring is here and summer is fast approaching its the perfect time to show my four favourite looks from the Moschino Spring/Summer 09 Collection.

Everyone knows Moschino for its 'classico con twist' and these looks say it all

The green cardigan will make the perfect present for a boyfriend.

I think that red jacket says it all for itself, FIRE! Perfect spring wear to make sure you stand out.

The Grey suit is the best when trying to impress someone or get a new job.

The last look sort of reminds me of Chuck (Gossip Girl), effortless style.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Zac Posen

I'm a big fan of the 1930's 1940's era, which is why I am totally in love with Zac Posen.

This year for his Pre-Fall Runway show he returned to his signature look- those flirty, forties-inflected clothes we love so much. This look was popular at the time of the great depression (kind of practical at a time like this). The collection was mostly little black dresses and cocktail dresses. In my eyes a perfection combination for the long season of red carpet events.

Aubrey Hoe'Day!

Everyone remember Aubrey Hoe, well she is making that paper (gotta hand it to that girl) doing a spread for playboy for $500, 000; as Dawn Richards confirms that Danity Kane has officially been offed.
On the new season of making the band only Dawn and Aundrea appear, apparently the other memebers of DK were given the oppurtunity to come back this season but turned Diddy down. SMH stupid girls.

Meanwhile Dawn and her boo (the sexy) Que have reportedly made a collaboration on a song called Broken Promises.

Rip The Runway 2009

Korto Momolu (right) Model (left) wearing Korto's fabulous green dress, I dunno about y'all but I really do like that dress.

This years Rip the Runway was as expected a fabulous event. With performers like T.I, Ron Browz (yes we all love that song pop champange), The Dream, Mavado, Keri Hilson, Busta Rhymes, Bobby Valentino and GS Boyz.

The designers included Johnny Vincent created by Celeste Vincent, Akoo T.I's clothing line, my personal favourite Korto Momolu (fan favourite and runner up of season five on Project Runway), Protege (the giving back brand by NBA Star Al Harrington CEO/Chairman Rodney Henry), Monifa C. (created by the mother and daughter team Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke), Douglas Says and Byron Lars.

Fantasy Ride New Release Date

A new release date has been set for Ciara's third album Fantasy Ride for April 7 2009 on Jive records. The release was formely set for sometime last year but was pushed back for unknown reasons.

So far, she has released two singles off her new album, Go Girl ft T pain and Never Ever ft Young Jeezy.

Fanatsy Ride will feature production by Polow Da Don (same guy that did Usher's Love in This Club and Nas's Hero), The-Dream and Danja, with guest appearances from T pain and Young Jeezy.

Fabulous Thickness!

Everyone remember Miss Toccara? Well I am so appreciative of America's Next Top Model, she was on fire at the BET Rip The Runway.

Such fabulous thickness! These are the kind of women to be celeberated, not skinnier than life models.

Wathch Rip The Runway on BET on the 2nd of March

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Friends with benefits?

Ok so here's the thing loads of people have friends with benefits call it whatever you want, sleeping buddies, fuck buddies, sleeping partners etc its still sex with no strings attached (or is it really?).

How does it actually work? Like are people actually friends and well have sex or are they not friends and still have sex because quite frankly I don't imagine sleeping with any of my friends like it will be totally weird after, what do you say to each other, oh uhm well it was a good session, we should definitely do it again and you still to hang out and do whatever it is you do with no feelings attached? SMH Do people actually sleep with good friends or causal friends? Is it done on a regular basis or is it just a one off sort of thing? I just had to find out what it really is.

On a survey with about 20 people from each sex and I found that 17 out of 20 guys would prefer sleeping with a good friend than a causal friend but the ladies (13 out of 20) will prefer casual friend to a good friend so they can simply walk away.
What I did find thoroughly interesting was that almost everyone (35 out of 40) would prefer that their sex buddies lived about 80 miles from them, in other words they lived so far they wouldn't see all the time (so I'm guessing the sex must be infrequent), but all of the guys (yes all twenty) would not mind indulging even if they were in a serious relationships.

I had a very interesting conversations with serial sex buddies and found that most of them just see it as a chance at free sex with no emotional baggage. So are such friendships worth it? well it sort of depends. If you are the type that can have sex with no meaning to it then go for it, but what happens if your sex buddy falls for you? does it mess things up? I guess it defeats the whole purpose of the whole shebang!
Some say its great and it can last for a year *wink* (isn't that amazing uncomplicated sex for a whole year, wow!) on the other hand some say it sucks as you can never go back to being just friends, however some do disagree and say it can lead to a serious relationship.

Nonetheless, I think its great to have a sex buddy if you have the emotional capacity to handle the complications, because you don't what the other to do something like fall in love now do you? after all, its meaningless sex right? so before you indulge in such amazing frivolities make sure you are taken care of emotionally, get a cat or something.