Saturday, 21 February 2009

Friends with benefits?

Ok so here's the thing loads of people have friends with benefits call it whatever you want, sleeping buddies, fuck buddies, sleeping partners etc its still sex with no strings attached (or is it really?).

How does it actually work? Like are people actually friends and well have sex or are they not friends and still have sex because quite frankly I don't imagine sleeping with any of my friends like it will be totally weird after, what do you say to each other, oh uhm well it was a good session, we should definitely do it again and you still to hang out and do whatever it is you do with no feelings attached? SMH Do people actually sleep with good friends or causal friends? Is it done on a regular basis or is it just a one off sort of thing? I just had to find out what it really is.

On a survey with about 20 people from each sex and I found that 17 out of 20 guys would prefer sleeping with a good friend than a causal friend but the ladies (13 out of 20) will prefer casual friend to a good friend so they can simply walk away.
What I did find thoroughly interesting was that almost everyone (35 out of 40) would prefer that their sex buddies lived about 80 miles from them, in other words they lived so far they wouldn't see all the time (so I'm guessing the sex must be infrequent), but all of the guys (yes all twenty) would not mind indulging even if they were in a serious relationships.

I had a very interesting conversations with serial sex buddies and found that most of them just see it as a chance at free sex with no emotional baggage. So are such friendships worth it? well it sort of depends. If you are the type that can have sex with no meaning to it then go for it, but what happens if your sex buddy falls for you? does it mess things up? I guess it defeats the whole purpose of the whole shebang!
Some say its great and it can last for a year *wink* (isn't that amazing uncomplicated sex for a whole year, wow!) on the other hand some say it sucks as you can never go back to being just friends, however some do disagree and say it can lead to a serious relationship.

Nonetheless, I think its great to have a sex buddy if you have the emotional capacity to handle the complications, because you don't what the other to do something like fall in love now do you? after all, its meaningless sex right? so before you indulge in such amazing frivolities make sure you are taken care of emotionally, get a cat or something.


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  3. Well, everyone has a preference. I personally do not support casual sex but whatever makes anyone happy.

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