Monday, 23 February 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards

This years Oscars was as expected a beautiful epic event with our very own Kate Winslet snagging best actress for The Reader, she looked uhm nice in her Atelier Yves Saint Laurent by Stefabo Pilati (very boring dress) and slumdog millionaire taking home the award for best picture, even if personally I think its an overrated movie.
As predicted Heath Ledger (bless his soul) won best supporting actor for Dark Knight (no suprise there) and the over sexy Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress for Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona who looked absolutely sensational in her 60 year old vintage Pierre Balmain gown and Judith Leiber clutch.

I was pretty excited to know that Susan Reid BBC presenter wore a dress from oxfam for £50 we have to hand it to her she pulled it off nicely. However, Beyonce looked oh so un-stunning in her House of Derion couture dress, and Whoopi? what the hell was she thinking when she left her house SMH awesomely dissapointing!


  1. penelope stuff...
    Beyonce looks like a vase on display in a museum...whoopi..hmm evn a Leopard wud see her and run away..teehee!!

  2. Yes finally Kate Winslet won a f*****g oscar. It only took like being nominated 5 times before. Big up the Britz