Sunday, 22 February 2009

Aubrey Hoe'Day!

Everyone remember Aubrey Hoe, well she is making that paper (gotta hand it to that girl) doing a spread for playboy for $500, 000; as Dawn Richards confirms that Danity Kane has officially been offed.
On the new season of making the band only Dawn and Aundrea appear, apparently the other memebers of DK were given the oppurtunity to come back this season but turned Diddy down. SMH stupid girls.

Meanwhile Dawn and her boo (the sexy) Que have reportedly made a collaboration on a song called Broken Promises.


  1. Aubrey Hoe'Day tut tut lol she is penggg and she was getting paid ££££££ and the picture aint that bad, SMH!!! (",)

  2. I love aubrey joo!..Peng indeed!
    n y shud dey go bak?..hiss..nonsense!
    diddy is on another p!...he'l roast feelin lik he's all tht der!...hiss!

  3. Aubrey...kmt...she feels like she is somebody. The only way she feels she can get publicity is by showing skin, cos she damn sure can't sing.
    As for my SEXY Que and Dawn...(I love dem).. Da song is beautiful.

    Keep up ur good work..Peaches