Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Denim Jackets making a comeback?

So Kanye West is a bit bizarre when it comes to dressing, but this has to be an all time high or low the denim jacket is making a come back with Kanye and his bald busty girlfriend Amber Rose. He looks absolutely stink in the jacket but I'm tempted to say Amber pulled it off not so badly.
Personaly, I'm happy denim jackets died with the 90's and I hope they do stay there.

The pair are currently in London, for fashion week. Kanye and a Glamour Model (ex-stripper) thats so wow!


  1. lol Kanye looks like a tramp and he predicted it himself, now he's with a white an odd-looking white girl

  2. Yup Yup...denim is the thing now...check out the Willam Rast...by Justin!!!