Monday, 1 June 2009

Things I'm Grateful For

I am officially not a sixthformer anymore (as of last Friday) lol, like really haha but I'm not as happy as I thought I'd be.

My brother is gettin married soon in july, he was here for a week last week, I miss him, will never admit that to him.

My daddy is coming soon, in like a week im super excited, I'm a daddy's girl (and a mummy's girl too)

I have exams...I think im going to do well, even if I can't study and I've had this annoying flu

My baby is going to be one in July, still super excited

For the first time in nearly ten years my entire family will be in one place at once for at least a week, quite an achievement

I'm going to uni this year...finally TOTAL INDEPENDENCE from the rents

....those are the major things in my life I'm happy about and grateful for

Random I know.


  1. I know the feeling... Having everyone in one place at the same time, for the first time in ages..

    You having a shindig for your baby??


  2. Yes I am, you should come.

  3. great post, its important to take time out to say what you're thankful for. you've inspired me to do the same!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Zarna...
    Love your blog btw..great music too

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  6. okay bitch.. why arent you grateful for me