Sunday, 28 June 2009

Japan Inspired

So i think i'm starting to fall in love with Japan....their culture, politics, art, fashion, life style fascinates & inspires me...i think i should really book a flight to Tokyo or maybe Kyoto, i even find the name yummylicious.

I adore the geisha's and their kimono's they look adorable, has anyone ever seen a noh performance??? its super cool apparently its been in existence since the 14th century... and has anyone heard the pop band j-pop funny stuff, but its cute lol and who can forget the sumo wrestlers lol u have to admit that is just a funny and seriously unnecessary sport lol but thats their thing, their architecture, even their tea ceremony, their haiku's (poem's) and the fact they have their own vogue??? yuuup they do. what most people don't realise is that Japan is actually a force in the fashion industry, it first made its big debut in the fashion world in 1982 when 12 Japanese designers showed their collection in the paris pret-a-porter shows...

now think Elie Saab S/S 09 that was Japanese insipired, besides designers looking to them for inspiration they are some wonderful japanses designers - Issie Miyake, Kenzo, Hanae Mori etc their style Japonaiserie - made a big impact on contemporary fashion - their use of inventive shapes and monochrome tones, particularly the use of black - i have a love/hate relationship with the colour - they have become trend setters and yeah they are have nothing on the italians and the french but they are designers in their own right. google - Keita Maruyama - great stuff

what i think i really love about japan, is the way they are so modern but hold on tightly to their traditions, its amazing the way they do.

im going to leave you with some amazing pics of japanese things that inspire/fascinate me

LV shoot fot Japanese Vogue, very futuroid

chanel pret-a-porter show in tokyo (i love chanel)

Yohji Yamamoto for Doc Martin - Designer

Should i get that for my tat??

Issie Miyake - Designer

Comme des Garcons - Designer

Hanae Mori - Designer

Noh - Traditional Japanese Theatre

Sumo Wrestling - National Sport

J-Pop Japans #1 band

what do you find fascinating now?


  1. Liking the pics..tradition plus a bit of modernism is what makes Japan awesome!

  2. I like the tattoo
    you should def get that one

  3. Japan is preety culture dense and special...would love to visit sometime soon. their fashion culture is very krucial....wld like to feel it first hand....

  4. japanese ppl r too awesum
    im soo in love with Geishaz