Sunday, 5 July 2009

a beautiful affair

i have had the longest craziest week ever and an even crazier longer weekend. i had a family wedding this week so a lot of family members were/are running around here...

so we have a couple of people staying over, i wish they would just go to a hotel or go back home like the wedding is over now...i'm not been dread or anything its just i feel so irritated with all these kids that just eat all day, lack manners arrghh!! driving me nuts

plus the house is getting renovated so we have like no space its just messy and these people just impose themselves but you can't turn away family can you? wish i could.

anyways the wedding was absolutely beautiful, i'm still waiting for the official pictures so excited...i have some i got from my cousin's camera i don't know why i didn't take my camera :(
so it was such a fabulous day we danced almost all night long and i'm 1000% everyone had a good time. the venue was just beautiful i mean the scenery omg just beautiful.

i have a couple of unfinished posts i'm not sure whether i want to finish them or start new ones. but today im going to talk about random stuff

its 4.21am and i'm eating pasta bake and reading bossip (google it if you don't know what i'm talking about) it has made my night. like whoever writes the post is sucha funny person, i'm not sure its the gossip that attracts me but the way it is written is just so fucking hillarious.

tonight my cousin pissed me the fuck off, she said im naive and she said i live in a little bubble, and that really pissed me off, im like WTF!!
in that instant i just felt like she didn't understand me at all and thats such a shame because she is practically my sister, she MUST understand me.
i hate when people make comments like that i admit i live in a bubble sometimes, but no i am not naive its just that the way my mind works well its different from most people and people don't get that.

has anyone heard Whitney's new single, aww do you really think she is going to make a real comeback like seriously i love Whitney but damn i dunno...

im so sad that federer won, i don't even know why i just wanted roddick to win, oh well there is next year and i'm happy andy murray didn't get to the finals not that i expected him to anyways

i'm going to leave you with some pictures from the wedding

tried to get a good pic of everyone, sadly this is it

doesn't that look so yummy??

beautiful people

tried to find a good pic of the scenery, sadly this is it


  1. I like the pictures :):)

    I can understand where you are coming from
    when people that you think know you
    tell you who you are
    I'm like 'wth????' you know??
    that's not how i am
    if somebody calls me Naive I will be mad as hell.!
    you get me?


  2. awww thanks darling =]

    yeah i get you
    i get so pissed off
    when people try to tell me
    what they think i am
    i just feel sorry for them
    because they don't even know the half
    of it

  3. I use to get that you are soo Naive comment all the time from my friends just because I give ppl the benefit of the doubt :S . Relatives staying over...gosh I know that irritated feeling one gets after a while!! You look nice in your dress! =) That fruit salad table is doing it! lol.

  4. The lasts scenery pic tells me a great dealbout how beautiful it must have been....

  5. just came across this blog...its really cute!!

    check out:

  6. thank you for stopping by

    i will check it out Tosin.s

  7. That fruit platter is do die for! I can't even believe it exists!! If I were at that beautiful wedding, the platter is where you would find me...stuffing my mouth. : )