Wednesday, 15 July 2009

so far

i just feel the need to blog this morning, i have a couple of things i want to say but i can't be bothered to finish the posts just yet.

i've been really ill, in fact violently ill this past couple of days - i had swine flu - yuuup i know sad init. and my family locked me up in a room they didn't want to risk contamination from me, very sad people, so yesterday i finally saw the outside world yaay by that i mean i actually went downstairs after like 3 and a half days holed up in my room. it was heaven lol (did i tell you the house is getting redocorated?) well so they finished the living rooms its all pretty and i played boxing on the wii and it felt greaaaaaaaaaaat i am almost pro at boxing now wooop woooop its really cool because i suck at every game except the sims

oh yes i did some pilates with my cousin. it was painful i didn't realise i was so unfit its insane.

anyways been on my own for those days i realised what prisoners must be going through it was terror insane inhumane treatment, ok so maybe i slept for the most part, listened to music etc then i think on monday i could actually talk on the phone and go on msn..i appreciate people even more now.

so i thought about a lot of random stuff:

i thought about dying, i was scared and my mum wasn't helping matters she was majorly freaking out, she's in lagos atm so she was on the phone every second is my baby ok etc? i think she felt worse than i did. i love you mum.

i thought about aliens, yes i believe there are aliens i am 100% convinced that we are not the only life forms in the galaxy, i mean really i'm not joking, i also believe somehow they have invaded our planets; many people seeing UFO's has to mean something right? then we have people like Janelle Monaé that girl is straight up freaky weird strange all rolled into one but starngely dope lol i like her but i still know she's an alien in human form.

does anyone else believe this?? or is it just one of the strange things being ill does to you??

so im heading off to lagos on sunday, im really excited maybe this shitty holiday will get better, i spoke to my mum last night, she said i just want you to be 100% when u come back and i got this weird feeling with the way she said it its like she wants us to actually hang out and go crazy over this wedding - my bro is getting married btw - lol i just hope she realises i don't plan on being at home much.

did i forget to mention i'm going to this party on sat, its called icecapade - i hope it turns out good ok so its not really a party for me - i intern for the guy throwing it so more like work - but if anyone wants to come holla - i dunno if tickets are still on sale but whatever.

hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far, and if u haven't well its just weds i think so make the rest count.

but make sure you have a nucleeeeeear weekend, because i plan to. (shout out to cc for that word, she's so fucking awesome for that word)

smile its a beautiful day.


  1. Numero Uno up in my lips "I AM FIRST"

  2. Yeee! U had Swine Flu...eyaaa sorry oh...must have felt terrible physically and psychologically.

    HA! I hate dat wii of a contraption ehn..nearly wreck my arm wiv one of those olympics things.

    so u play the's d best thing that ever happened to my laptop lol...I am practically living my friggin dream...if only real life was so easy

  3. swine flu ke! hahahahaha, u're the first person that I know(at least virtually) who has/had the flu. pele!

    hope ure better now. and dont think about killing urself oh, itsthe sickness messing up with yo brain

  4. Sorry to hear about that,guess you're on the road to recovery. Hang in there!

  5. @sir scribbles thank you doll lol...yes i play the sims that game is so frigging awesome its unbelievable...have u got sims 3 yet?

    @yinkuslolo im the first person i know too.

    @blogoratti yeah im doing great thanks

  6. Live and direct peaches, will I be dullin b4? SIMS 3 has a special place in my harddrive...but I had to get rid of so many friggn things just to install d gigantic morrasucker....but it was worth it lol (smiling nerdishly lol

  7. ha ha ha...kk..ive def come to ur blog before..i just cant find links when i feel like reading im sorry im journey to lagos oh and i hope u get better.

  8. @sir scribbles...i know the feeling

    @leggy...thanks for stopping by, love ur blog btw