Wednesday, 22 July 2009

tinsy winsy bitsy update.

so i'm in lagos and i've been so busy its ridiculous, my mum has me doing cartwheels for her running around everywhere. every morning when i wake up its 'ehen u have to go with mr k to give this to mrs something for me' or 'you have to go and give this aso oke to another mrs something', like the woman is a nutter, she's driving me crazy.

the party was great from last Saturday, i think i had too much fun tho, but it wasn't really my fault like my boss (shout out to A) said i didn't have to work (i was supposed to be in charge of the charity stuff etc) he said 'just have fun, i'm sure you would rather do that. lol
so i made friends with the bartenders and they kept me occupied the whole night, but i paid for it, we had to keep stopping on the way home so i could puke lol - pretty gross, i know.

you know when you are away from lagos and you miss it and you can't wait to come back, but once you are out here the traffic, bad roads, no light, the heat, everything just hits you and you are like what the hell was i thinking, but that's why we love lagos init? its such a funny place so much happening.

so i'm getting real excited about the wedding now, everyone is here so the house is packed, but i love love it, we are actually spending family time, talking and harassing each other, i never knew i missed my brothers this much.

so earlier today me and my brothers where all talking about stuff and reminiscing about old times and it made me realise how much i should appreciate my family.

they are the most annoying people on earth, they make you so mad you might have to be put in a loony bin, but that's why you love them, because after all the madness they are the ones you lean on and love. they are the ones who will love you even if you become a murderer, they are the ones who know your most embarrassing moments but still love you because of who you are.
they are the ones who support you no matter what, they are the ones who make you laugh the most and who make you cry. they are the ones who understand your weaknesses and call you out on your bs, they are the ones will love you even if they don't understand you. they are the ones who will love you unconditionally.

so hold on to them tight, keep them close, appreciate them, don't wait till its a special occasion to get together.

most importantly, love them with no reservation, hold nothing back, let them see the real you so they can love you more, and when they don't act like they love you, love them even more. its the best feeling in the world.

p.s: how is everyone doing?? i hope your week is going great.

p.p.s: there is no light in lagos, so if u are coming be prepared, oh and its raining here - a lot- i thought i left all the stupid rain in london, but i guessed wrong.


  1. haha, gimme some lagos love. lol. i miss niaja in gen. this no light thing is now giving me concern. like no light at all ke!

    have fun plus im jealosu u even have a wedding to attend.

  2. LOL! I miss Naija you know....even though it's for just 2 seconds a week. Family's really important and I always feel bad for pple who aren't close to theirs.