Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Screaming Bloody Murder...

...genocide, ethnic cleasing call it anything you want but this is just disgusting, as if the genocide in Bosnia, Rwanda and Cambodia aren't reason enough for everyone to know what happens when we leave all the situations until its to late - SMH
I feel deeply for the suffering going on in Darfur and I feel we (the whole world) owes it to them to help in any way we can.

This whole situation started in 2003 when a region - Darfur(comprised mostly of black people) decided it had, had enough of the neglect from the government and decided that they wanted a greater share in politcal power and for the government to address their poor living standards. And as most fucked up military governments will act they decide oh why don't we just get the army to kill off these muthafuckers who are interfering with our fucked up way of ruling rather than face other regions (also being neglected) rise up and try to challenge our governace - they called it a rebellion - I call it demanding their rights.

So far nearly half a million people have been killed, a further 2.5 million displaced. There has been mass execution, women being raped in front of their loved ones, men chained together and thrown into burning huts etc all this is by an arab militia sponsored and supported by the governement their job - to kill of the black people in Darfur, isn't this hatred surpassing the level of the KKK and all other weirdos who needed to kill black people to make them feel better about themselves.

Personaly i think the extent of the damage done is worse, when aid is not allowed and people will rather risk loosing their lives by leaving refugee camps because of lack of food to go back to where they will most likely be killed to get food, you have to know something is seriously wrong.

I don't think we need anymore evidence that these people are suffering at the hands of greedy hateful bastards and sadly, we are doing nothing about it.
I am so annoyed by this, labeling it the 'worst humanitarian crisis in the world today' doesn't do shit, its not a fucking humanitarian crisis its fucking genocide, i swear on that stupid list that the UN has on genocide and ways to prevent at stage - denial - thats when we (international community) are supposed to react and do something about it so I don't see why the whole world is just watching while this shit happen. (wiki it if you don't know what I'm talking about)

This is why when scientist research into stuff just to come out with random ridiculousness like black people are just genetically dumb, its in our DNA bla bla bla, I'm like is that really important to know (not that I accept it) but even if it was true how the fuck does that solve the problems in the world. Instead of using their research to find how to make better nuclear bombs to threaten the sudan gov into abondoning their crazy genocide antics they are using it to express how much they want to degrade black people, really what is wrong with the world?? - i swear i think scientists need a shrink or rehab or something to save them from this unhealthy attitude.

(Ignore the typo and any other errors, I was on a 30 mins break from studying - I have 2 exams on fri - wish me luck&& pray for me lol)
Oh and sorry for the pic, it makes me sad every time i see it.


  1. Lord have mercy!!!...i cry when i see pictures lk dt....

  2. ohh that so sad. that's why we shud thank God everytime and appreciate the value of giving to pple in need

  3. Wow.. I'd hate to see you when you're angry..
    Valid point you make here..
    Even though I doubt if a threat of nuclear power will be enough to send chills down the spine of the Sudanese govt..

    Chances are that they'll get sudden backing from Iran and N.Korea or sumfin..

  4. soo wat can i do to help da situation? i hate this africans need to stick together if we are to grow out of provrty, hu do dese barstards fnk dey r? we need 2 do sumtng

  5. @Bee yeaaah me too

    @Naija Shawty yeaaah we really should, that is if you believe in HIM

    @Roc Naija
    LOL im extremely calm when I'm angry so you will have no worries
    Hmm true you know, but then that would be the outlet america has been looking for to bomb their asses no?

    Yeah we do, give money to a charity that helps Darfur.....

  6. Extremely calm when you're angry makes me all the more worried.. Trust me.

    Roc don't like bombs.. Not in this lifetime anyways.. :)

  7. lol @ roc.
    peaches darling, you'll make a great humanitarian. lol.
    People r not doing anything about it cus these days, er1s on dt selfish p. lol as fr as it doesnt affect them, deyr nt redy to get involved. only make side remarks.
    sadly der rili is nothing i can do...
    Love you much babe...for showin me love on my blog.

  8. Genocide,brings to forefront all that is really wrong with this world of ours...SMH.

    Wish you success in your exams!