Saturday, 6 February 2010

cheating on me.

ahriel's thoughts an hour after she finds out...
how could he do this?
how could he do this to me? to us?
does he not love me any more?
does he not value what we have?

twelve hours after....
is something wrong with me?
am i not good enough any more?
is she better than me? is she prettier?
what has she got that i don't?
what does she do that i don't?

her best friends voice in her head....thirty six hours after...
he is just a selfish son of a bitch!
i can't believe he would sleep
with that slut!
you can do better than this
you don't deserve this
he needs to go!

levi's thoughts after sleeping with jasmine
oh fuck! what have i done?
shit shit shit! ahriel can't find out
i am fucked if she does..

eleven hours after...
that was one helluva fuck
wow she was hot
but she doesn't compare to my girl
she was just too good to pass up
but damn my girl can't find out

forty-eight hours after...
damn damn damn! how did she find out
how will i explain that it didn't mean anything
how will i get her to forgive me?
how can i make her see its her i love?
how can i make her see its her i want?

the break up...
you are such a jerk
how could u do this to me

baby i'm sorry
it didn't mean anything
it was an honest mistake
i didn't mean to hurt you

i don't care i cant trust you
get out
i hate you

baby pls you have to
understand me
she didn't mean anything

so what was it? just
a little bit of fun?

yes baby, that's all it was
its you i want
you're the one i love

well you just lost me..

two hours before he slept with her...
hot sexy girl walks by...
levi looks and instantly gets hard
i wonder what she will feel like
with my hand through her hair

hi my name is levi
*killer smile, perfect teeth*
i'm jasmine
can i....

three days after the break up...

ahriel's thoughts
i still love him
i wasn't ready to let go
was he really telling the truth?
he was the love of my life
i want him so much
i miss him so much
what have i done?

levi's thoughts
how do i get her back?
how can i prove to her
that she is all i want?
how can i prove to her
she's the one for me
and i'm the one for her

sometimes cheating isn't such a big deal
in a relationship i guess the most important things
are or rather should be
love, trust and respect. and i don't think
any of them can exist independent of each other

but then do we actually ever really
love completely? trust completely?
respect without reservations?
a relationship at least in this
context is between two people
not three. always keep it that way.

cheating does not signify the end
of a relationship...its just another bump
yes it may be an abuse of trust
yes it can compromise your relationship
yes its a horrible thing to do
yes the hurt you feel could be devastating

in a relationship, every wrong doing is just as matter what it is
lying is just as bad as cheating.
because you are in essence abusing trust and compromising your relationship.

p.s: my birthday was good...i got so much love. and i'm grateful for the people
in my life.


  1. i really like d way u wrote the tots going through the heads of the folks involves, although i don't agree with ur analysis & conclusion. But then, cheating is one aspect of life lots of pple have strong opinions abt & i try to avoid arguing it.