Thursday, 22 October 2009

Welcome Back!

The lights were turned low, I could smell the sweet smell of my lavender candles..

As I got closer to the room I could hear the music

Isley brothers..between the sheets

So he didn't forget our anniversary, I thought.

Smiled to myself. Then the





Those are the only words that could describe how I felt...

We hadn't had sex in over 2 months..

Opening the door slowly & quietly so I could surprise him

Then I heard it..

The moaning, panting..

Nearly fainted because of the shock

I stood there and watched my husband of five years fuck another...


Hi guys! Its been ages.
I've just been caught up with a lot of school work and stuff.

I didn't know uni was this... I'm not sure how to describe it becasue

Always occupied

Don't just cut it.

I hated my first night here..I cried.

I loved the next two weeks, partied a lot. Lived the life a true fresher.

I hated my course for about a week. Now I love love it, well some of it.

Its so challenging and so thought provoking, I'm actually having a good time studying and stuff *really weird*

This is a random post in case u were wondering. I felt I was neglecting my blog.

Its 1.43 am and I'm studying some of Karl Marx's work.

I feel like I'm doing 3 courses instead of just 2. Its like philosophy is being added to my politics & economics

I have two essays already :(

I've been eating like a fool lately, I cook too much so I eat too much. I actually feel my jeans getting tighter.

The weather here is horribly cold :( I miss London.

I have to get back to my studying :) I hope everyone is having a good week.

Love & Live.


  1. nice story.
    i read some of karl marx's stuff in high school.

  2. you know I love the story :)
    great job :D

  3. nice one,my first time here,cheers

  4. Wow, the befinning story knocked my socks off. Now I'm glad I found this blog. Will be back.

  5. @leggy oh really? did you enjoy it?

    @bubbles i know you do

    @muyiwa thanks for stopping by

    @myne whiteman thanks for stopping by and im glad it did.