Sunday, 22 December 2013

commit?commitment? hmm

last night someone asked me what I do
I can't be bothered to explain the
question itself
mostly because my answer is the point
of this post.

i don't think people should be committed
unless they understand what commitment

i have been "committed" before
but i didn't feel committed

so i decided if i was ever going to
commit again
then it would really be because
i felt like i could do it

i mean i have spent my whole life
believing that i can do whatever
i want with whomever i want
as long as they we were willing

so if i was going to end up committing
to one person
then i'd have to change that thinking
i mean i can't just switch off
what i know to be true
just because i've said i do

i think being with someone is an organic
i don't believe in deciding to be with
someone anymore
i think you can say to anyone that
i choose you
and if you mean it
then till death do you part

so i guess what i'm trying to say is
i can't commit unless i'm sure
that i can mean it

mean what you say, say what you mean
i think this is what the bible means

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