Monday, 20 June 2011

Frustrations & Finding Faith

i just got rejected from yet another job
i wasn't so disappointed at the start
i mean i was looking forward to
finally having a job

but then my mum said something
to me today that let me understand

*you need God*

i never really understood what
it meant to actually serve God

I always thought praying,
reading your bible was enough
but it seems I am wrong.

i am really frustrated with what life
is dishing out to me. I just want to curl
up into a ball and cry all my frustrations away
I am not saying I have a bad life, I have
a great life. I'm just missing something and I think
its God.

You can only go so far by yourself
You need God to carry you the rest of the way

I really want to find God. I just don't know how.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Web

i had my first job interview
i was really excited...i just
kept smiling. i think the
people think i'm an idiot.

its funny how people get
irritated over what people
tweet. i mean you are at home
complaining about someone's
tweet, while the person doesn't
know and doesn't care. damn shame

same applies to life in general.
no one really cares.

i was thinking why people get upset
that people do not act the way they
do in reality on the web. its silly really

here you have a platform for you to
present to the world how you would
really like to be seen; and people are hating
on that *i cringe anytime i use the word hating/hate/hater*

twitter is like the first time u meet someone
u tell them all the wonderful stories about
yourself, mixed with little fibs here and there,
a couple of half truths, white lies, and the
*don't tell anyone but my dad owns a space shuttle type lies*

and u seem so awesome, but unlike the real world
people never get to see your less than awesome self
just what you to choose to show. everyone does this
wonder why people get mad. its entertaining really.

*warning important life lesson*

lose - when you lose something/to be without something
loose - when you become free from an attachment

studying is boring. even for your favourite
subject when you have no motivation.

need. to. stay. focused.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Karma a bitch
and she doesn't care
if you didn't mean to.

a classic case of
do unto others
what you want
done to you.

but as humans.
we miss it. every time.

its a vicious cycle,
what happens to us
may continue to be
punishment, retribution,
or reward for something
done in the past.

like i said before.
life. is. not. funny
its depressing shit.

sometimes when someone
does something bad to me
i just want to see them suffer
for it. i wonder if that makes me
a bad person.

expecting too much from someone is recipe
for disaster. you are just setting yourself up
to be hurt.
wipe the tears