Tuesday, 7 June 2011


...is a bitch
and she doesn't care
if you didn't mean to.

a classic case of
do unto others
what you want
done to you.

but as humans.
we miss it. every time.

its a vicious cycle,
what happens to us
may continue to be
punishment, retribution,
or reward for something
done in the past.

like i said before.
life. is. not. funny
its depressing shit.

sometimes when someone
does something bad to me
i just want to see them suffer
for it. i wonder if that makes me
a bad person.

expecting too much from someone is recipe
for disaster. you are just setting yourself up
to be hurt.
wipe the tears



  1. yh she's a bitch.. you hate her when she's dealing with you, but love her when she's messing up someone who fucked wit you...

  2. A friend of mine should read this. she needs it right now. Karma sure is real.
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. @msinfamous - lol don't we all
    @spesh - well you are welcome :) and yes do share