Thursday, 17 December 2009

i wish it was better.

So holiday sucks.

I'm not going to Lagos, so I'm sad. I don't know why mother wants to stay here for Christmas its so boring. Its snowing which makes everything worse. I've been home for like four days and all I've done is stay in bed and watch glee.

I did go to see Law Abiding Citizen with my friend the other day, awesome movie. And we had nando's after..yummy :) I heart everything chicken.

I have nothing to blog about. I just wanted to rant about how shitty my holiday has been. Did I neglect to mention that I love twitter? omg! twitter is the best, after my phone of course. Twitter allows me to blow off steam so I have no reason to blog smh. I do have some drafts, I'm just not sure I'm willing to post them...yet. I may change my mind.

My friend asked me what was the use of a boyfriend? and I have to admit that question got me thinking. I haven't got an answer yet but when I do, I'll be sure to come back and tell.

Here are some random pics off my phone.

That was my dinner one day, didn't turn out as planned.

Did I mention that I make the best indomie ever?

My friend sent me that the other day, BEWARE GUYS!